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It seemed to me necessary to design this site to better respond to the urgent request of my patients and my entourage in terms of more complete information about the human being, his environment and his health.


I am a Ph.D. in Chiropractic (D.C.) graduated from the faculty of Chiropractic Sherman in the USA, in 1982. I also possess several other scientific technical qualifications that allow me to apprehend with a global vision the health care of man. As a clinical researcher, I have been studying for several years his psycho-biological reactions in his interface with his ecosystem and his social environment.

I also do international conferences.


The reason is discernment.

The evolution of man requires an open-mindedness that requires instruction through all available means, while discerning authentic values from an environment of ephemeral illusions. This allows him to overcome the fear of the unknown and increase his field of consciousness.


Curious about everything, especially in various scientific and technical fields, I always enjoy sharing my detailed but sorted knowledge on various subjects with my patients in order to try to provide a response and a useful insight into their concerns, concerns and concerns. thereby helping to relieve their distress, their suffering.

Human Skeleton Standing Up

Fear Feeds The Disease

However, in opposition to scientific obscurantism, I consider that knowledge kills fear. So this knowledge must be made available to others in an appropriate and interesting way; it is the very foundation of true human solidarity. Then everyone has to make the use he wants.


In consultations where time is limited, I take care, however, to satisfy the curiosity of patients who awaken to reality and who are finally interested in their own health, their own environment.

However, many wish to be able to discuss some topics at length after explanations that already meet their expectations; something that has often happened at mainstream conferences. This is the reason for this site that many of them have therefore expressly suggested me to build to gather my writings and information.


So I tried to synthesize, gather information sought in international scientific publications to expose through many articles that I have already written on various topics in recent years and which obviously arouse a keen interest in their mere mention in office.

I hope that this site will open to the Net surfers of the attractive and salutary horizons and that it will arouse in their mind the same interest as that of my patients to better apprehend the real world in which we live, and to go to the essentials.

“A wise man is worth two”: this maxim can be verified every day because it is one of the keys to survival.


Dr. Pascal Labouret, D.C.

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