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What is a Gonstead Chiropractor

What is a Gonstead Chiropractor?

Since Daniel D. Palmer gave his initial adjustment in Davenport, Iowa, in September 1895, chiropractic has come a long way. Today, several methods chiropractors used to correct the subluxation complexes, joint dysfunctions, and spinal misalignments. Palmer has identified many advanced and scientific methods that will be discussed in this post. The Gonstead System Clarence S. …

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Winter Blues: Can We Prevent It?

The “winter blues” is an understatement. Seasonal depression, or seasonal affective disorder (SAD), is characterised by depressive episodes that recur periodically, most often during the winter. It should not be overlooked when symptoms are felt. Symptoms of seasonal depression The symptoms of seasonal affective disorder are similar to those of depression, but recur at the …

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