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Insurance And Fees

For many years, more and more French mutuals and insurances have been reimbursing part of the chiropractors’ fees.

These organizations, having no philanthropic purpose, have indeed realized the economic interest of concretely supporting inexpensive and truly preventive health care.

Numerous international studies, carried out by organizations or independent researchers of the Chiropractic profession, have come to document and consolidate their opinion. These official studies have all convinced many companies and state administrations in several countries for decades.


Here is the link below for a list of French mutuals and insurers reimbursing the fees of all chiropractors duly registered with the Regional Health Agency (n ° ADELI).






It should also be known that given the fact that the French Social Security lost its monopoly by State Ordinance (n ° 2001-350 of 19/4/2001 – OJ of 22/4/01) (see page “Links” MISCELLANEOUS / Social Security in this site) and in view of the new Code of Mutuality in force, the health insurance sector has therefore entered the free competition advocated by the regulations of the European Economic Community.


NOTE: Please note that if you take out health insurance with an insurance company or mutual insurance company from a country in the EEC with a head office in France, you will be exempt from CSG / RDS in your contributions (Order n ° 2001-377 of 2/5/2001), which is not negligible.


Concretely, it turns out that the reimbursements are in a range between 9 to 25 Euros for about 5 consultations a year, or sometimes between 30% to 40% of fees reimbursed according to contracts and mutuals / insurance.

The reimbursement record is currently at the CCMO Mutual which costs 35 € per session and 10 care sessions per year per person.


Read your contract with your mutual / insurance which may already include a clause on the care of natural health care (acupuncture, homeopathy, herbal medicine, etc.) also applicable to chiropractic care.


Chiropractor Information

Read about the role of the chiropractor and the studies behind their knowledge.


Here you can see our list of resources from other sites and professionals.


We get asked many questions. See the top questions people ask.

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Remember that if you prove to your mutual that you are a responsible member who personally takes care of his health prevention, you will be counted among his good customers, so favored on your contributions. This is the trend. Indeed, contract negotiations are all the easier if you do not often request refunds, which is logical.

If, however, your mutual insurance or insurance is not yet listed, know that these organizations respond essentially to the demand of their members. You would therefore be justified in sending them regular requests for reimbursement until you receive a favorable response. Indeed, the situation is changing constantly and more quickly, even if some mutuals have not yet aligned. So you have nothing to lose but everything to gain!

This letter must be a letter of grievance motivating consultations with a qualified chiropractor accompanied by a statement of fees that can provide you with your chiropractor.

Here are two models of letters of grievance for example:

Letter form for people wishing to consult a chiropractor

Standard letter for patients already consulting a chiropractor

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