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Here are short, but uplifting information on various important news topics. They are not meant to worry you but to warn you and educate you. These data are taken from studies published in the international scientific literature.


“4 out of 10 prescriptions are potentially dangerous for the elderly”. People in retirement homes are often stuffed with drugs and are generally considered only as consumers of the pharmacy, and no longer people to heal. People around 84 years old take on average more than 8 different drugs. A manna for labs that drive doctors, which is no secret. Out of 350 prescriptions of more than 5 lines, Que-Choisir-Santé experts found that in 39.5% of cases, the drugs were unsuitable. (2016)



A long study published its findings on the use of this drug (D.E.S.) so-called anti-miscarriages on mothers from 1948 to 1977 (deleted well before in the US …). If the daughters of mother D.E.S. are twice as likely to develop breast cancer, their little girls (3rd generation) are spared, but their grandchildren can develop possible genital malformations. (2016)



These patients would initially suffer from chronic inflammation caused by high immune activity in the brain just before triggering the disease. Medicine is hoping to find suitable anti-inflammatories. But does it pose the common sense question of what causes this elevated immune activity in the brain? (2016)



An epidemiological study from the University of Pennsylvania shows that one out of five cases of schizophrenic patients diagnosed as such could be the victim of a parasite in the brain, toxoplasma gondii. It infects about a third of the world population … Note that in France, 500,000 people are affected by schizophrenia, making it one of the most important psychiatric disorders in France, from all causes. This parasite induces indeed paradoxical behavioral changes in mice infected in the laboratory. What to do a horror movie screenplay. (2016)



A study published in the scientific journal Nature shows that sweeteners (saccharin, aspartame, acesulfame k, sucralose) leads quite rapidly to glucose intolerance which itself is the antechamber of type II diabetes. It is the profound modification of the intestinal flora by these synthetic products which disturbs the metabolism and induces diabetes. Namely that the number of diabetics is constantly increasing. And type II diabetes leads to overweight and obesity, the reverse effect of what the food industry claims to those who take “ligth” products. (2016)



The journal Environmental Health Perspectives has published an article confirming that the use of pesticides exposes farmers non-organic users to the occurrence of a mental depression, apart from any social cause or socio-economic difficulty. This adds to the significant risk of cancer due to phytosanitary products among their users in large quantities. Being a non-organic farmer is suicidal sacrifice. (2015)



E-cigarette is a marketing success but a sanitary decoy that completely slows down and obscures the in-depth studies whose initial conclusions are already negative. How can a product containing 3 carcinogenic substances (including well-known nicotine) and a teratogenic substance be considered harmless? How can we believe in the use of natural and healthy fragrances? It turns out that the vapor dissipated contains many dangerous substances which, moreover, depress the pulmonary immune system. The public is kept in the dark for commercial reasons, of course, with muscular marketing. Good luck to the users. (2015)



Many believed that soy was a good source of meat replacement protein for vegetarians and vegans. However, any non-fermented soy (tofu, milk, etc.) has been linked to all kinds of health problems such as digestive problems, immune system deficiency, reproductive system problems, allergies. Unfermented soy contains large amounts of natural toxins that come mainly from the bean shell, such as phytic acid that blocks the absorption of minerals and vitamins. In addition, its packaging creates a contamination with aluminum, nitrites by a heating process which also destroys its nutritional value. Only fermented soy (soy sauce-shoyu), is healthy and interesting in the diet. (2015)



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