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Chiropractor Resources

Here are some interesting links about various topics.


The life experience of a person who is attentive to his environment leads to the truth of the expression “everything is in everything”. It is therefore useful to consider, through quality information, many subjects with no apparent link but which nevertheless allow us to glimpse the deep meaning of contemporary events and the solutions of current science.


Culture is also a key to survival, as a good antidote to conventional wisdom, unique thinking and race to the bottom that is a source of desperation.




Free Energy

• Padrak

• As for man


Hidden discoveries because disturbing

• Impossible discoveries


Memory of the water

• Adhikara




To find qualified chiropractors in France

• Yellow Pages: heading ‘chiropractic’


Certified Chiropractic Faculties CCE (non-exhaustive list)

• Franco-European Institute of Chiropractic

• Faculty of Chiropractic SHERMAN – USA


Scientific Society of Chiropractors

• Franco-European Society of Chiropractic


Chiropractic offices (cooperating)

• Toulouse office

• cabinet of Ollioules






• Health Aids

• The myth of the HIV virus


Substitute for blood transfusions

• Quinton Lab Site


Dr. Scohy’s website

• Dr. Scohy Facts


Website of Prof. Beljanski

• Pr. Beljanski Facts



• Dr. Hamer Facts

• Healing machine of Priore



• Gesret method (physiotherapy)


Drug poisoning (victim assistance)

• AAAVAM Association


Bodily and medical accidents (victim assistance)

• AAVAC Association


Listening and helping victims of medical errors

• Hesperos Association


Freedom of vaccination – information on vaccinations

• Liberty Information Health Association

• National League for Freedom of Vaccinations


Association for prevention and free choice of therapy

• Solidarity Health Association


Gluten-free diet combination

• STELIOR Association


Economic and health information

• Eco and Health 2010


Psychology / Psychoanalysis and Health

• Act for your health


Colon Hydrotherapy / Internal Hygiene

• Anydros


Ecology and health

• Cellulemag


Canadian Portal for Preventive Health and Alternative Medicine

• Health Passport






Philosophy of cognitive sciences

• Philosophy, Computer Science & Mathematics


Associations for the Freedom of Consciousness

• Coordination of Associations & Individuals for the Freedom of Consciousness





Social Security

• SECU: legal abrogation of its monopoly

• SECU: individual disengagement strategy

• Dr. Reichman Facts




• Volodalen: the marathoner’s site (training, advice)



• Academy of the free world, knowledge without occultations


• World clock (its information is simply amazing because it measures live the evolution of things on earth (population, various expenses, ecological status, energy, consumption, etc. This site is very conducive to awareness)


Preservation of natural heritage (forgotten seeds)

• KOKOPELLI Association


High quality Farm products

• Farm Capelude & gîte (VAR)

• Quiet farm of Verdun & gîte (ARIEGE)

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