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Role Of The Chiropractor

The role of the chiropractor (pronounced Kiro-practitioner) is to ensure the stimulation of the patient’s health potential and healing forces through the functional maintenance of the neuro-skeleton and particularly of the skull-vertebral-pelvis complex and its peripheral tissues.


This health professional was trained, after a bachelor’s degree, in an independent and specialized faculty, for this specific art. Chiropractic studies are long-term, continuous-control, conventional, long-term academic studies, based on an internationally rigorously rigorous official standard leading to an international doctorate.

A doctor of chiropractic (DC), by his proper training, is therefore independent in his practice (like the dentist), ie able to perform a diagnostic chiropractic analysis and apply a mode of neuro-vertebral correction ( chiropractic adjustment) specifically adapted to each case.

Thanks to his knowledge of pathology he can also, if his intervention is not justified, send the patient to specialists in the medical profession. Chiropractors are officially recognized by the Ministry of Health in France, and for decades in the vast majority of developed countries. Chiropractors are the third largest official health profession in the world and the second largest in the North American continent.

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Human Skeleton Standing Up



The brain is housed in the skull, a compact and substantially elastic structure but relatively resistant and solid. Through the networks of the nervous system, it controls and harmonizes all the functions of each system and cell of our organism: its importance, like that of its good functioning, is vital.

The spinal cord, the main brain-cell pulse transmission cable, is sheltered in the spine, articulated and flexible bone sheath to allow flexibility of movement. Its importance as an extension of the brain, as well as its proper functioning, is vital.

The vertebral column, the main structure of the skeleton, is subjected to a severe test in our modern life and the negligence of its technical maintenance leads to repeated and accumulated disorders, up to neuro-articular dysfunctions proper: during these dysfunctions, the spinal cord and nerves inevitably undergo abnormal disturbances that result in failures of transmission of cerebral pulses or “interference” to adverse and debilitating effects.


Consequently :

The neural dysfunction and therefore energy on the nervous system which results systematically, produces a disorganization of the functional balance of the whole organism, a general weakening and progressive difficulties of adaptation to the environment. These difficulties of adaptation are conducive to various aggressions finally leading to fatigue, a disease state (malaise) and, more or less long term, to a pathological state.



The associated micro-mechanical dysfunction induces, in the long run, a discomfort and then various vertebral pains, cyclic and often important, even disabling.




The chiropractor, after the establishment of a detailed examination and a chiropractic analysis (safety of the care, contraindications), acts on the neuro-vertebral dysfunctions by the adjustment, or functional normalization neuro-vertebral. Chiropractic adjustment, a small, precise manual act, is a series of controlled, corrective micro-impulses generating self-correcting reflexes of the nervous system. The chiropractic adjustment is therefore much more sophisticated, more comfortable and above all more reliable than a vertebral manipulation with which it has absolutely nothing to compare.

This specific adjustment, however, requires a detailed and methodical examination of each case according to modern and exclusive scientific criteria in this specific but very complex area of care, thus requiring a high degree of precision in perfect safety conditions.


THE ROLE OF THE CHIROPRATICIEN exercising the authentic chiropractic (Palmérienne®) is assimilated to that of a catalyst allowing the weakened and destabilized organism to self-balance, to self-harmonize by the elaboration of a corrective process of neuro-vertebral dysfunction in response to chiropractic adjustment.


> BY ITS ACTION, the chiropractor ensures a normal function of the vertebral system in order to prevent any neuro-articular interference, caused by the dysfunctions, which necessarily hinders (the clinical experience proved it sufficiently) to the synchronous function of the nervous system , and therefore other systems all depending on its proper functioning.


The OBJECTIVE of the chiropractor is then to ensure full brain-cell communication, an indispensable guarantee of a dynamized health, itself the fruit of a better adaptation to the environment. It allows the body to function better, to be more relaxed, to adapt better, to better withstand the various stresses and stresses in order to be in better health and to develop a good vitality.


> BY HIS INTERVENTION, and secondarily, the chiropractor treats the famous backache, neck pain, torticollis, backache, lumbago, sciatica, cruralgia, various neuralgias, etc.


The MAJOR ADVANTAGE of chiropractic care is an undeniably recognized contribution to the prevention and improvement of the level of public health: to promote the optimal expression of the health potential of each to strengthen the adaptation of the organism in its living environments .

The chiropractor thus helps the individual concretely to develop his own health, his vitality. The additional benefit is the long-term suppression of chronic back pain, the serious and sensitive correction of scoliosis and infantile kyphosis (except in the case of anatomical abnormalities), the post-traumatic care of accident victims, the care of chronic physiological disturbances, the balancing energy stress and functional balancing of different organic systems.


Chiropractic also plays an important role in increasing the flexibility, adaptation, resistance and potential of amateur and professional athletes: it is the only alternative health profession officially accredited by the World Health Organization. Health (WHO) and the International Olympic Committee (IOC). The vast majority of American athletes in all disciplines have traditionally used chiropractors for decades. At the J.O. Barcelona 1992, 17 chiropractors officially assigned by the International Olympic Committee have treated athletes of all nationalities, with a successful plebiscite. The experiment was repeated in Atlanta in 1996 on a larger scale (the faculty of local chiropractic was solicited). It is now systematically renewed officially for all upcoming J.O.


Without pretending to be the Panacea the authentic chiropractic, as a concept of secular care, is based on the same conceptual principles as the original homeopathy and acupuncture that it completes in a famous trilogy, focused on the concept of global health and environmental, optimized field and immunity, self-healing, and essential psycho-organic balance. These very sensible principles, long neglected, are now increasingly considered by savvy scientists and contemporary sociologists as the concepts that will inspire future medicine.

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