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What Is A Chiropractor?

Chiropractic is an independent, fully-fledged and growing social health profession with several billion people in the world legally entitled to receive chiropractic care.

Present on five continents, chiropractic (Kiro-practice) has been in constant social expansion since 1895, becoming, according to sociologists, “the twentieth century event in the world of health”.


Chiropractic studies are exclusively conventional, long-term, steady-state, conventional studies based on a rigorous international official standard (CCE-Council on Chiropractic Education Standard).

Their characteristic is their independence and total autonomy from other health professions.

WARNING: Contrary to the different alternative therapies, chiropractic studies are not done by seminars or courses on weekends, nor by correspondence or DVD, private tutoring, or free audition.

MINIMUM CONDITIONS OF ADMISSION IN ANY PURPOSE OF CHIROPRACTIC: Scientific baccalaureate necessary, with mention if possible. (Bac + 2 in some countries).


DURATION OF STUDIES: 6 years, ie about 6200 hours of full-time courses (international unit) (Bac + 6) with 35 to 37 hours of weekly classes with mandatory attendance checks)


Training in basic sciences officially identical to medicine, so complete and consistent with the exercise of a self-prescriber of his specific act (in this case, chiropractic act)

Comprehensive clinical training (internship and residency) in a public institution

Compulsory preparation of a certificate of studies in vertebral radiology (safety analysis), theoretical and practical

Regular post-graduate training, organized and controlled.

Approved and rigorously controlled educational level by the US Education and Health Authorities (officially approved international model standard)

Standardized training in all Chiropractic Faculties around the world (35 in total and others currently in the process of being created or being accredited)


OFFICIAL PROFESSIONAL STATUS of Field Practitioner and Specialized Expertise (similar to Dentist) in more than 20 leading industrialized countries and authorized practice, being formalized, in many other countries including:

Complete independence of the profession in chiropractic care analyzes and methods (such as dentists)

Same rights and duties as doctors except prescription drugs and surgery.

The right to practice radiographic examinations, to prescribe biological examinations and to establish certificates of expertise.


Reimbursement by the social security systems, mutual and health insurance of care and complementary examinations.

Chiropractor Information

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Chiropractic has its own accredited faculties in the US (19), Australia (2), Canada (2), Japan (1), South Korea (1), England (4), France (1), Switzerland (1), Sweden (1), Denmark (2), South Africa (2), Brazil (1), New Zealand (1), Mexico (1), and others currently in the process of being established or being accredited.


From a scientific point of view, the official centers for basic and applied chiropractic research regularly provide studies (80% of publications in this field that are very little explored by medicine) and receive regular federal and private grants in North America.


Chiropractic services, provided by chiropractors, are established in all public and military hospitals in the United States. The Profession is indeed integrated into the Health Services of the US Army, the Air Force, the Marines, the Navy, as well as other armed forces of the world (Israel).


Recognized officially since 1915 in the USA (1st Anglo-Saxon country) and from 1927 in Switzerland (1st European country), chiropractic is a clinical science in full development, regularly and progressively established in the world: It is already, in many countries, completely established and even banalized.

The graduated chiropractors were finally officially recognized in France in 2002 and are now integrated into the health system.


IMPORTANT: The chiropractor is the only professional in natural health care with an independent official status (first internationally consistent status).

However, chiropractic can in no way be equated with any other therapeutic or similar medical or technically similar method.

In France, various therapists from all walks of life practice vertebral manipulations as adjunctive therapeutic adjuncts under various denominations. They are in no way comparable to a Palmérien® chiropractor.

This differentiation is essential and essential to understand the different levels of qualification and technicality in the field of manual care.







Recorded according to the official standard curriculum of the American Association of Faculties of Medicine 1988 – 1989 (established on 22 accredited faculties) and the official standard curriculum of the American Association of Chiropractic Faculties 1988 – 1989 (established on 18 accredited faculties ).


In the U.S.A., Chiropractic studies are accredited and classified at the same qualitative level as the Medicine studies for pre-clinical subjects.

Similarly, the International Doctor of Chiropractic degree is officially equivalent in academic terms to the Medical Doctor degree, although these two professions are clearly distinct in their teaching (Ministries of Education and United States Health Authorities) .

Since this study, these two courses have remained quantitatively and qualitatively parallel.



Hours in CHIROPRACTIC (minimum)


Hours in MEDICINE (minimum) 456


Anatomy and Embryology 215 / 243





Pathologies (Geriatrics & Paediatrics)









Exclusion Analysis / Diagnosis









Psychology & Psychiatry



Obstetrics & Gynecology









This relevant and objective comparison of the AAFM & AAFC demonstrates that CHIROPRATICIANS have knowledge very well adapted to their specific objective concerning the functional balancing of the neuro-skeleton and the body: Thus do they possess an excellent knowledge of the human body and its functioning, good knowledge in exclusion analysis, radiology and orthopedics with a good awareness of dangerous pathologies; which allows them to work in the best conditions of safety.


DOCTORS are, on the other hand, better trained in the subjects necessary for their broad objectives concerning the diagnosis, detection and fight against diseases: pathologies, neuro-psychiatry, gynecology, pharmacology, anatomo-pathologies.


However, these two professions can not and must not be confused, neither in their objectives nor in their actions, nor in their complementary but fundamentally different purpose. The doctor is a professional of the disease. The chiropractor is a health professional.



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