how to stay active in winter

Why and how to stay active in winter?

Why and how to stay active in winter?

Walking, running, cycling … In winter, when it comes to outdoor sports, our motivation is like mercury … at its lowest. Difficult to put on sneakers to face the cold? We give you the keys to motivate you!

1. Burn more calories than in summer!

Playing sports outdoors when it’s cold can burn more calories than when the weather is warmer. However, don’t see it as a weight loss method! This higher energy expenditure is often offset by a significantly richer diet in winter. So be sure to maintain a balanced diet.
2. Think about your swimsuit (yes, sir, you too!)

Difficult to motivate yourself in winter … plan in spring … then in summer. Like every year, starting at Easter, after having eaten a large quantity of chocolate again, you will want to lose a few pounds to secure your swimsuit this summer. You might as well get started now!
3. Keep your best level

Do you really imagine being able to suspend your training during the winter and resume in the spring by resuming your performance three months earlier ?! Nay. To keep your best level … no secret, you have to train regularly!

4. Prevent injuries

Beyond your level that only training can preserve, also think about the risks you take in terms of injuries. Tendonitis, stress fractures … your joints and tissues under stress during the winter may suffer from the resumption of your activity after a long break.
5. Plan your activities

Keeping your activities on your calendar will help you not to “forget” them. At training time, receiving an alert will make you feel guilty just enough to motivate you to go out and let off steam!
6. Think of indoor sports

Really impossible to motivate yourself? There are more and more options allowing to participate without subscription to different sports activities or even to access fitness clubs without obligation. Take advantage!

What to do when you are sick?

If the infection remains above the neck (nose, throat), you can probably follow a moderate intensity training. If your symptoms go beyond the common cold (muscle aches, chest pain, etc.), playing sports may worsen your symptoms. Rest while you recover and get off on the right foot!


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