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Read about the role of the chiropractor and the studies behind their knowledge.

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Chiropractors have been officially recognized in France since 2002, as they have been in many large modern countries for decades …


Chiropractic, founded by Daniel David PALMER and scientifically developed by Bartlett Joshua Palmer, is a major health profession focused primarily on the functional maintenance of the neuro-vertebral system while aiming at the preservation and the development of the level of vitality of populations in many leading countries.


However, the French are not yet familiar with this concept of modern healthcare and what it can bring them despite the world-renowned expertise of chiropractors and the futuristic preventive lens of chiropractic, in line with the technical and economic necessities public health.

Here are some pieces of information about it to help fill this cultural gap.

This health information site is intended to help you realise that to be truly healthy, you must protect and manage your vitality. It is the most reasonable solution to improve your physical and mental comfort, in order to optimise your quality of life.


 Health is too serious a thing to confide to chance

Nowadays, in the face of very variable health and public hygiene conditions, it is necessary to exercise wisdom and reflection in order to stay on course and protect one’s body by implementing a concrete and serious prevention approach. But chiropractic is perfectly suited to this type of approach.

Prevention is better than cure, it is said, and it is becoming increasingly clear that prevention is the best economic measure. Health insurance can only subscribe to this statement.


However, effective prevention necessarily involves verified, clarified and immediately exploitable information. Each one then to see his interest, to determine his choices to preserve all his chances. Natural selection in the human being is based on the intelligence of life, ie, lucidity combined with common sense.


Health comes from the inside.

This site strives to make you understand this reality by providing essential information on various topics that will, on the one hand, help you to form your own opinion on the facts and on the other hand, will allow you to acquire the reflection, the global awareness and knowledge needed to truly work, by natural means, to preserve your own health.


Thus, by offering less health risks thanks to your better state of health, you will contribute to lighten the load of the doctors who will then be able to better devote their care, sometimes very expensive, to the casualties, to those who failed to protect their health or to those who could not improve it.


In this act of sanitary citizenship, you will then work civic spirit and an authentic sense of solidarity.


Well-ordered citizenship begins with oneself …


So take care of your health,

it will cost you less in every way.

Healthy Teeth Are Important Too!

Teeth are a big part of bone health. Many diseases can start in your mouth with the high number of bacteria it has. Ensuring healthy teeth and gums are very important in ensuring no infections or possible loss of teeth states a Dentist Wantirna South. Research suggests links between osteoporosis and bone loss in the jaw. The bone in the jaw supports and anchors your teeth. The part of the jaw that supports your teeth is called the alveolar process. Several studies suggest a link to the quality of this bone and tooth loss. Our Dentist Berwick suggests annual check ups to ensure your teeth and gums are in good health. 

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Winter Blues: Can We Prevent It?

The “winter blues” is an understatement. Seasonal depression, or seasonal affective disorder (SAD), is characterised by depressive episodes that recur periodically, most often during the

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